Monday, 21 April 2008

Ever Wanted To Work at KFC HQ?

It's something we've all dreamt about. Imagine working behind the scenes for KFC...what would it be like? What is the Colonel like as a boss? Do you get to eat KFC all day? Is everyone terribly obese? These are just some of the questions that I had, and thankfully many of them were answered in this interesting feature from Marketing magazine. Click the image to read the article and find out what it is actually like to be an employee of the greatest chicken merchants on the planet.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Boneless wonders

For years now I've been somewhat of a pariah in the chicken eating world. the 'bird' is the most scrumptious of all the meats and with 11 simple additions becomes the world's greatest foodstuff. My problem, however, is that I've always found the menu limited due to my inability to eat chicken on the bone. For years I got by with fillet burgers, then in time 'zing' was introduced to the menu. Now however the proportion of boneless products on the Colonels menu has mushroomed. we now have more choice than ever before and 'boneless' has actually become a buzzword. There are mini fillets, crispy strips, fillet burgers, fillet towers, twisters, popcorn chicken, the wrapstar (will it make a comeback) the original boneless box, the slightly larger 15.99 boneless box and recently the boneless variety box. but the newest addition the "boneless bites flavour station" with barbecue, sweet chilli and fiery pepper sauces to choose from. This burgeoning class of boneless foodstuffs is heartily welcomed. Score 1 for the colonel!