Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Boneless Banquet is fit for a king

There seems to have been somewhat of a lul in the amount of bloggin' we have been doing recently, this may be because we are too busy consuming chicken...or maybe because we are too lazy (I like to think a little of both). It's about time we delved into the colonel's ever changing menu, and this time it's the new (or not so new anymore) Boneless Banquet meal. Myself and good friend and colleague Steve took on what can only be described as a lunchtime feast for two hungry gents, some 2 or 3 weeks ago. Both opting for the Bonless Banquet, we eagerly tucked into lunch. It's great to finally see a box meal catering for the boneless meat/non-burger fan - the combination of popcorn chicken and crispy strips was a winning combination for me. Unfortunately Steve's opinions were considered blasphemous in the presence of our lord harland, so his comments have been stricken from the I prefer to remember it, his opinion on the meal was mostly praising, although he showed some disappointment that the beans were not Heinz branded.

Until next time *drinks gravy*