Saturday, 31 May 2008

Breakfast comes to KFC

It was with great trepidation that last Saturday I ventured towards KFC's flagship UK branch in Marble Arch, London. For I was about to sample the biggest new addition to the menu we all know and love since the introduction of burgers back in the nineties: KFC AM.

Having heard rumours of the breakfast as far back as last year I was understandably dubious. Was it really true? KFC, for breakfast? Sausages, made of chicken? I had to find out. I set off alone at approximately 8.40 (KFC AM is served between 7.00 and 10.30 am). The indication I stumbled upon was a tactical poster ad at Marble Arch tube:

My interest now piqued, I ventured forth towards the restaurant. What greeted me was beyond all possible imagination, for no less than seven new items have been added to the already glorious range. Be sure to expand the image to the right for the full details (though as this is a test period don't be surprised if we don't see them all for the official launch). In fact, such was the choice that I suffered a momentary lapse in the decision making process. What was it to be? The classic twister, remade with breakfast ingedients? The Wrapstar with literally everything on the AM menu in it? The eggy bread of the Loader - possibly the most unusual of any fast food breakfasts i've seen. In the end though I settled on the Charger. And a sausage one at that. Let's face it, you're all wondering how a chicken sausage tastes right? And the purest test is to try it sans bacon.

So down I sat, Charger in hand. The anticipation was killing me. I had just enough time to snap a cheeky photo before delving into the golden glory in front of me and let me assure you, it was everything i'd hoped for. The sausage was flavoursome and meaty, the cheesy omlette...well it was cheesy. In fact it could be argued cheese has the strongest presence in this menu. From pepper jack cheese slices to cheese omlettes to mild cheese sauce to grated cheese. Dairy product haters need not apply.

Charger: 7.5/10

Next up: the AM Wrapstar.

Paul here. After Al's initial foray into the land of KFC AM, it was my turn. While travelling to Marble Arch, my thoughts were consumed with worry and doubt. Would the new breakfast menu live up to the hype? Surely this could not be the Colonel's first real failure? I turned to the menu as I arrived at the restaurant on Sunday morning - I had already decided to have the AM Wrapstar, but when confronted with the full menu and an impatient chicken technician (till operator) I found myself in two minds. Such choice! In the end, I committed and went for the AM Wrapstar. Aside from the Challenger box meal (only a truly hungry man would attempt this) the AM Wrapstar appeared to be the most feature-laden menu item consisting of no less than 9 ingredients: chicken sausage, bacon, chesse omlette, cheese sauce, hash brown, a tostada, diced tomato, grilled tomato ketchup (yes, grilled) all packaged in a heated tortilla wrap. One thing I had noticed on closer inspection of the product image was the presence of baked beans, carefully positioned between the two central sausages. There was no mention of beans in the product description however - a shame, but none-the-less I found a quiet seat and laid out the meal.

One bite into the AM Wrapstar and I took a good helping of all the layers. The cheese omlette in particular was a taste sensation, complemented by the warm cheese sauce and diced tomato. In terms of meat, the chicken sausage and bacon combination were both hearty and filling. As I reached halfway, I looked down, only to spot several baked beans languishing centrally between hash brown and sausage. The promotional poster was indeed accurate, taking the tally of breakfast iungredients in the AM Wrapstar to 10. Let me just say this - if you're seeking some kind of early morning sustenance, look no further.

AM Wrapstar: 8.5/10