Tuesday, 10 June 2014

KFC - Carnival Box Meal

Just In time for the World Cup, Monday saw the launch of the Carnival Box Meal. This consists of:

Carnival Fillet Burger
Small Popcorn Chicken
Mini Fillet
Regular Side
Rio BBQ dip
Regular Drink

At £5.99 it's not cheap, but then that is a lot of food. It seems quite a heavy meal for mid summer so it's a good job it's not been too hot yet or I shouldn't have wanted to eat that much.

Dispensing with Fancy packaging the burger was wrapped in colourful paper bearing the slogan Viva la flava, a bit weird considering Brazil is South America's only Portuguese speaking country.

Most of the constituent parts are known quantities, so I'll focus on the unknowns , the Carnival Burger and Rio BBQ sauce.
The Burger features its own unique bun topped with herbs, they didn't make too much contribution but i did get one or two hints of flavour during a couple of bites. The bun enveloped an original recipe fillet burger, lettuce and some Fiery carnival chilli mayonnaise. I tried some of this new mayo on it's own and it was good, with a satisfying savoury flavour and some heat, sadly the scant amount on my burger was lost and made no real impact.

The second unknown was the Rio BBQ sauce. which i must admit I was expecting to simply be repackaged ordinary BBQ sauce but this was much fruitier than usual and as someone who can usually take or leave BBQ sauce i found myself using chips like spatulas to ensure nothing was left in the pot.

I have to say I enjoyed this and it was build quality rather than lack of vision that ultimately let it down. Although nothing groundbreaking this would have been a 7, however in light of poor construction I can only award it a 6.