Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Double Whammy, Griddled Chicken & Blazin' Mini Fillets

Where better to launch your latest and greatest gut busting product than in Western Europe's most obese nation. Although these products have already appeared on the continent and been undergoing limited trials in the North East, griddled chicken has been rolled out across Scotland in the form of the Brazer. When KFB got word of this we thought we'd combine a trip to the UKs most Northerly branch, Inverness with an appraisal of this revolutionary foodstuff.

On arrival not only did we find the Griddled chicken we'd expected but a further much talked about innovation that KFB has always hoped to see, the Zinger Mini Fillet and to top it off, a breakfast trial was taking place in Glasgow's Argyle Street branch.

We'll begin with the main event......The Brazer

On offer was:

The Brazer burger, griddled chicken on a bun with sauce essentially
The Brazer Max, In imitation of our favourite, this sees the addition of a delicious hash brown
The Brazer Twister, eschewing bread in favour of wrap.
The Smokin' iTwist

Marinated is herbs and without the signature coating the introduction of the Brazer represents a seismic shift. KFB tried the Brazer Maxx, twister and the griddled chicken iTwist. The pictures below speak for themselves, but what they can't show is the taste.

The chicken remained moist but also firm and full textured and.........tasty. Whilst it's not the same satisfying taste sensation contained within the secret recipe it is a good solid foray into a new and exciting market.

The Blazin Boneless Banquet was also on offer sporting new Zinger mini fillets and bringing this great pure chicken product some fresh attention and a fresh reason to order it. A great addition to the range, lets just hope it gets a nationwide roll out soon.