Wednesday, 21 July 2010

iTwist Hits the UK


In the greatest shake up to the Chickenspere in recent memory KFC has introduced the iTwist to the UK. Although somewhat behind our continental brethren, the addition of the iTwist bridges the gap between snack items such as the Streetwise menu's Rollers as a sort of Premium snack product.

There are currently 2 flavours on offer, the Sunny and the Sweet. In the UK this is not offered as a meal option but as an individual product retailing for 1.49 each.

KFC asks us to 'Follow the Adventure' promising more exciting flavours to follow: so lets look at the two we already have:

The Sunny is a strong product blending the Chicken we all know and love with a spicy Mexican style sauce. Verdict: a good solid product.

The Sweet: however with its curious choice of ingredients is excellent but I fear may only find favour amonst more discerning diners. The ingredients in question would not seem out of place in a upper class eatery and KFC has been brave enough to bring this to the masses, offering a delicious mini fillet with caremalised onion relish and Goats Cheese. The relish was sweet, tasty and busrting with flavour but the sweetness was well tempered by the goats cheese which provided a dry, rich and satisfying aftertaste.

Although not offered as a meal like our recent report on the Icelandic version each iTwist makes a very satisfying side order to a meal. KFB looks forward to enjoying the range.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Secrets of the I Twist revealed

On this blog, back in May we revealed that an ops shakedown had been sighted in Wales and that a new product may be on the prowl. KFB received this tip off too late late to try it in wales during its secret testing phase, however as you knew we would KFB endeavoured to get its mouth on one of these iTwists so that we could let you know what it was all about prior to its expected UK launch.

It wasn't easy, and my journey took me here:

No, it's is not a secret KFC testing facility somewhere in the Kentucky dessert, although it does look like one. This is KFC Keflavik nestled on the Reykjanes peninsula in South West Iceland. Inside its sleek box like but harshly beautiful exterior, there lurks a minimalist restaurant incorporating a Bila Luga, (drive Thru) a kids play area, (complete with two storey slide similar to that seen in Munich) beautifully colourful faux leather covered seats, a large gleaming stainless steel counter and of course as you'd expect......lots and lots and lots of happy people.

This was a KFC of such uncommon quality that it had even managed to grace the hallowed pages of that doyen of independent travellers, the Lonely Planet. Readers of which will know, that to see any kind of fast food outlet recommended is a rare thing indeed.

So, what is the iTwist?
Well, it's a full meal costing 899IKK, or roughly the price of a UK meal, but with a twist.........

What's the twist?
As well as the standard drink and chips you get the iTwist, comprising not 1, but 2 separate 1/2 size wraps, both incorporating a mini fillet but each with its own unique flavour named the Sunny and the Yummy

Tell us about them?

The Yummy in a bright red wrapper was good, a succulent mini breast ensconced within a fresh wrap, salad, cheese and an undisclosed but tangy, spicy, tomatoey and altogether quite agreeable sauce.

Having polished that off I headed for the Sunny side of life and discovered that this will be a 'Marmite' product. Whether it will be taken to the hearts of the British public remains to be seen. It followed the same format of the yummy but this time the mini fillet languished in a yellowy sauce with a taste very similar to the always controversial pickle as found on a McDonalds hamburger......something I enjoy but that I'm all too aware that millions don't.

Whether the British version will follow the model of its foreign counterparts is unclear. It may take the name and packaging, remodelling the contents to fit in with the expectations and desires of a chicken loving nation. However rest assured that KFB will be the first to let you know of this and all innovations to grace the UK Chicken stage.

Finally........What's in a name, why the i?

Who can say? maybe it's just a cynical attempt to jump on the 'on trend' bandwagon of giving everything the i prefix which variously counjours up such modern ideas as 'internet' 'Innovative', 'interactive' and of course is the virtual talisman of the now ubiquitous Apple products. A product whose users are so desperate to let you know of their communication tool of preference; that they allow all their intimations to be hijacked and vandalised by the addition of an automated sign off to all correspondence, bearing no relevance to the communication they're sending which proclaims 'Sent from my iphone' which I have come to interpret as 'Sent by a twat'

Anyway, rant over ......I'll a fully loaded please!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

KFC Cure: The Ultimate Test?

You know the ones - a headache so painful you can barely move, a terrific sense of urgency to sleep, a stomach that feels as though it could erupt at any moment. Yes my reader friends, we're talking about the daddy of all hangovers, as suffered by this author this very weekend.

The journey ahead of me was long, very long. I could tell I wasn't going to make it, my stomach crying out to me that it was seriously unhappy. And then some respite: a sign at the side of the motorway informed me that a service station was mere moments away. But even better than that: the colonel's smiling face was guiding me in. We pulled into a parking space and I suddenly took a turn for the worse. Let's just say that what happened next in the toilets was highly unpleasant but did at least free up some space for delcious chicken. I was at a low - dizzy, still nauseous and still feeling as though my head was being compressed in a vice. There was only one thing for it.

I headed up what could only be described as the stairway to heaven: the smell of moist, crispy chicken guiding me in. My brain barely functioning I placed a controversial order:

"One 3 piece variety meal and 2 hot rods please."

Was I mad? Delusional? How on earth could this classic even begin to compare to the venerable Zinger Tower?

I started with the rib: succulent, firm and piping hot. Then a few mouthfuls of hot rod accompanied by chips. I could feel the evils of alcohol slipping out of my body. I could barely feel the headache, high as I was on original recipe coating. Next up: original recipe coated mini fillet. All the pleasure of the rib with none of the boney problems that accompanied it. One cleanup wipe later and I was done. Time to head back to the car and see how i'd feel outside the confines of the colonel's safety net.

I spent the next hour or so in the car in pain, but far less pain than prior to the chicken. It was as if with every minute that the variety meal was digesting in my stomach, the feeling of death was fading. And so I have a theory i'd like to share with you, dear readers. Could it be possible that our Lord Sanders was a fan of the bottle? A fan so dedicated that he found himself suffering from the ills of a hangover on a regular basis? And could it therefore be that Harland decided to dedicate his life to finding a cure for his problem? A cure that we now know as the world's most finger lickingly-delcious chicken? Colonel: once again, we salute you.