Thursday, 17 September 2009

Something VERY big is coming soon

My fowl friends. Do keep a careful eye on KFB over the next couple of weeks for the team is about to embark on a huge adventure. Confused? The image should give you a clue...

Thursday, 10 September 2009

BBQ Beast Box Meal Review

Another 6 week period rolls around and, thank the lord, we have another TLO (time limited offer) to sample! This time it's the BBQ Beast Box Meal, loaded with so much BBQ goodness that almost every morsel in the box has a BBQ prefix attached to its name. The BBQ Beast drops for £4.69 and can, of course, be 'larged' for an extra 40p (unfortunately there is no option to tower up the burger, unless you have a sweet deal worked out the with staff at your local branch). For the money you get a BBQ Fillet burger, 3 BBQ Bites, BBQ beans side (again, doesn't seem to be an option to swap out for gravy etc.) and chips and drink.

Personally, I do enjoy BBQ flavours so I was keen to give this box meal a go. However, I did find that there was maybe a little too much BBQ in this beast. The boneless bites were undoubtedly the best part of the experience, the thick BBQ coating was great and very generously applied - a clean up wipe definitely essential after eating. The burger I found to be somewhat dry, but this may have just been down to the individual branch I visited (Bethnal Green, which we all know is pretty piss poor). The beans are just the standard side beans, and not anything different as suggested by the BBQ name given on the advert.

All in all, if you're a fan of BBQ sauce then this may be for you, because the damn thing is smoothered in it. Boneless bites were a high point, but for me there was just too much BBQ on the go. In the future I would be hoping to see something a little more interesting than just adding BBQ sauce to the Fillet burger - of course you could do this yourself if you wanted with a BBQ dip. Bring on the next TLO with something a little more innovative...and while you're at it...bring the Hot Rods Box Meal back for good!

...And We're Back!

It's been a long hot summer, and the KFB team has been taking some time out to relax, kick back, and eat obscene amounts of chicken. Have no fear though, we're back and ready for some more blogging! Look out for more editorial stories, reviews and the conclusion of my KFC Cure experiment.

A final thought, it was the Colonel's 119th birthday yesterday. I trust all the KFB fans out there were down at there local branch for a commemerative meal in his honour...we salute you Harland!