Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Product Testing

Sighted at a secret testing facility in North Wales an, Ops Shakedown for the below products. Details are sketchy although evidence can be found in a numnber of European countries of the advance of these products. The appear to be budget products but it seems a little early to be challenging the hegemony of the recently introduced 'Rollers' Perhaps they're being scaled up to produce exciting new TLOs

The ITwist.......Below is the USA marketing blurb

Strapped for cash but sick and tired of the same old cheap eats? Remix your value menu routine with KFC’s new iTwists – delicious, snack-size wraps packed with KFC’s famous chicken and exciting flavor for only 99¢! Each iTwist features a 100% all white meat Extra Crispy strip, fresh lettuce, and a blend of 3 cheeses, all wrapped up with a signature sauce in a colorful, flavorful tortilla.

Try one of our 2 new iTwists today for only 99¢ each!

•Kickin’ Jack – Sundried Tomato Tortilla and Spicy Pepperjack Sauce

•Sweet n’ Spicy – Cheddar Tortilla and Sweet n’ Spicy Sauce
The second product sighted was:

The triple dip, with special new packaging, holding 3 types of exciting dip which could herald a return for UK KFC to the glory days of multi dipping, remember zinger mayonnaise anyone or Honey Mustard dip amongst others. Rest assured, KFB will keep you informed or any further developments