Wednesday, 23 July 2008

New Hot Rods, Variety Bucket and Box Meal

And so it comes around again, another innovation from the Colonel...the new "Hot Rods" which appear to be some kind of boneless breast meat with a spicy fried coating (possibly similar to that found on the hot wings, or the now-defunct fiery pepper bonesless bites) impaled on a wooden skewer. They're also available as part of a new Variety Bucket, or in the standard box meal set-up with fillet burger, small side etc. The box meal sounds interesting as I am a fan of both the Fully Loaded and Wicked Zinger, but this seems to bring together my two favourtite elements - boneless meat, but with the hot wing zing. Although the connotations of sucking on a "hot rod" do concern me slightly, i'll be giving it a whirl this weekend. Oof.

UPDATE: after seeing the tv advert again, I had previously failed to mention that the 'Hot Rods' come with a cooling herb sauce. Looking forward to testing this out at the weekend!


obad said...

KFC have done it again, all the goodness of the hot wing bone-based structure, and all the simple, unabashed gluttonous joy of biting into a boneless piece of chicken. Godspeed.

tit said...

the hot rod stick things dont look anything like the one's on the ad's, well at least thats the case at my kfc there loads smaller!! not happy:D