Friday, 29 January 2010

Congleton Quick review

Barn Road
CW12 1LJ
I hadn't even set out to do a review when I spotted this 82 seater reastaurant that sits on the edge of town with stiff competition from nearby McDonalds and a large branch of Tesco boasting its own cafe. It was a split second decision about which way to turn, I made the right choice. This restaurant includes drive thru functionality with a covered serving window. This restaurant is of sturdy construction featuring the 'tower design'. In this quick review, I just managed to trial a ZT.

I visited at about 2.10 pm on the 28th January 2010 following the lunch time rush

Decor wise , this branch is still awaiting a re-vamp, but here is a restaurant that has been loved by both staff and clientèle. It does not look tired anywhere but could do with a banquet table. There is a large clear space in front of of the counter from which you can peruse the menu. Unusually this restaurant features an airlock (ie two front door separated by a small vestibule) this meant the ambient temperature of the restaurant remained pleasantly constant. Another nice feature was the 'Trophy cabinet' also in the vestibule this glass fronted cabinet about foot by 3 foot showcased the range of box meals on offer.

I did visit out of peak hours, so maybe they'd had a chance to tidy up after the lunch rush but this place was spotless, utterly impeccable standards of hygiene were being adhered to. The staff seemed all to be young males and served me promptly in a courteous manner.

Zinger tower:
For once the construction was perfect and no changes were required, portions of both mayo and salsa were spot on. The lettuce was crisp and green as always. However the bread was a tad dry and as was the chicken on the last few bites. I would give this a 6/10

The Anciliary Items Island was this well stocked with, Sporks, freshen ups, napkins salt sachets & straws. Pepper it seems has become an increasingly rare commodity in KFC it being phased out?

Overall 6.5/10


Anonymous said...

Please let me know how I can send an email to the team.. I may have big news for you :) (pls...leave link or contact details after this)

paulbot said...

hi there, sounds interesting! what is the news concerning? if you'd like one of us to get in touch with you, then please leave your email here and we will contact you. I will delete your comment afterwards so your email address isn't on display to everyone!

Anonymous said...

This is without a doubt the worst restauarant I have ever visited.I cannot believe your review! The wait time is absolutely awful irrespective of whatever time you go in.I have been the only person in there and still you have to wait up to 15minutes.Any they call this fast food.In addition, the site backs on to a sewage works and so whole atmosphere reaks.

Anonymous said...

This KFC has now closed.