Monday, 1 March 2010

KFC EGYPT.....1001 nights of Chicken

In our continuing quest to visit KFC's at the four corners of the world, I left this sceptered isle on a crusade to Arabia and visited KFC Egypt.

I had oft heard tell of crumbling ruins in the desert surrounded by wonders of the modern world, I had never really believed these tales to be true. The following video proves that they are.

I however, opted to try a city centre Cairo branch and so headed down town to Midan Tahrir. Here some of the cities busiest thoroughfares intersect at a large gyratory circus. The demand for Chicken was so overwhelming that this one intersection boasted not one, but two KFCs, which, if standing in the right place could be viewed simultaneously.
KFC was at once easy to spot. Its bright coloured bold frontage stood out proudly amongst other city frontages that seemed moribund when viewed against the vibrancy and pulsing energy that emanated from the KFC.
The clean modern exterior gave way to an equally impressive two tier seating area. I was assailed with that familiar and welcome smell and my stomach began to purr in anticipation of the epicurean delights that awaited it, what exotic treats would a menu crafted to cater for people inhabiting an entirely different continent from my own hold?

It gives me great pleasure to answer once again that the menu, although innovative still did not match up to the UK KFC menu. Yes my UK brethren and sistren, you are eating the worlds finest KFC.
Whilst the Egyptians had embrace Zing and employed it as an option in a number of their dishes they are yet to discover the hash brown. What they did offer was a mixture of the familiar wrap, the recently introduced 'Roller' the ex UK TLO Pannini and them some other products such as the KFC Filler and The Zinger Supreme.
What could it be other than the Zinger supreme? Two meals cost 47LE, equivalent to about 6GBP. The bun was rectangular and the chicken had been sliced at a 45 degree angle to allow the bun to better accommodate it. I was greeted with a delicious Zinger fillet and then something I was not expecting, something I have not seen since those halcyon days spent visiting KFCs across the length and breadth of Europe whilst in Prague. In a predominantly Muslim country the last thing I expected to find on my burger was smoked ham. But there it was bold as brass adding an excellent extra dimension to the burger.
It was refreshing to see such a pragmatic approach. Our own UK halal KFC's will not serve any bacon products in store. Here however the food was prepared and served to me by Muslims without an eyelid being batted, and it warmed my heart.
Unfortunately the burger itself was not a shining example of finely crafted fayre and the chicken was in this instance a little too dry with not enough sauce of any description to compensate. The salad however had not wilted in the heat and seemed lush and crispy whilst the bun was soft and tasty.
Egypt boast a couple of other things worthy of a mention, their excellent KFC delivery service (we can dream) and more interestingly the worlds first KFC run by the hearing impared. I was not lucky enough to visit this branch but thought it worth of a brief time in the limelight.
Overall the Egyptians need to be applauded for adopting KFC and have certainly had a good stab at it. KFB's best wishes are with them for all their endeavours in the future.


paulbot said...

Very interesting, good work Dave!

The Observant Cairene said...

Having lived in Cairo for almost 10 years, I will have to let you know that the ham was not literally ham, but a made-to-taste-like-ham beef/turkey ham. However Pork products are available in Cairo at specialty shops and other restaurants (E.g. Korean BBQ restaurants) but they are clearly labeled as Pork products as not to take unsuspecting customers by surprise.

Cilla said...

I'm from Australia but I live in the UK now and I have to say UK KFC is not the best! Australian KFC is so much better. The chips are nicer, we have better burgers and sides than the UK.

Joe H said...

Until we have mashed potato, we can never have the best KFC menu here in the UK.

I've also noticed that the Zinger was spicier in Amsterdam and Malaysia, which is a big plus to me.