Thursday, 29 April 2010

TLO Fajita Wrapstar

We've had the standard Wrapstar, we've even had the Tex Mex Wrapstar and in a similar but more delicious vein we now have.......... for 6 weeks only......... the Fajita Wrapstar.

Tender crispy strips encapsulated within a hand crafted uniquiley shaped tortill wrap along with,

Sour Cream
Fajita Spices
Grated Cheese

The great thing about the Wrapstar is its elimination of wrap syndrome. and how such an unassuming product with its entire quota of ingredients hidden from view by the enveloping wrap can deliver such an epicurian delight when eaten.

The first couple of mouthfuls merely hinted at what lay within. I ate my way around the edge and moved in for the kill. Flavours mingled, & taste buds tingled, spices danced across my palette. this is the best TLO since the Boxmaster.

Have one for lunch


paulbot said...

I will be having one before the weekend is out.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed any change in taste of the bbq beans lately? For the past couple of months, my friends and I have noticed the taste of the beans have changed(in all our local kfc's), and much for the worse.

paulbot said...

That's for the tip-off, an interesting concern and one that we will look into!

Lee said...

Must admit, me and my partner were very disappointed with this meal! We found the chicken bits wayyyy to small, and didn't like the combination of spices. Everything else KFC release we love, but not the fajita wrapstar!