Tuesday, 18 January 2011

TLO Kickin' Sweet Chilli Box Meal

Sighted and eaten in Congleton, the Kickin' Sweet Chilli Box Meal. There is no mention of this on the website so is it an ops shakedown?

However it follows a familiar and well loved pattern. It includes a rod!

For £4.99 you get a Fillet or Zinger burger, chips a side (gravy of course) and the clincher a rod of delicious succulent chicken morsels drenched in lashings of Sweet Chilli sauce.

We were asked to wait 5 minutes for our Zingers, and right then I knew we were in for a treat and when it arrived the Zinger Tower was impeccably well built with hot juicy Zinger fillet that sent forth plumes of steam when breached with the mouth. Such was the burger that the words 'Have they always been this good' were elicited. (Not by me....I still remember Colchester 2003)

Whist this is not a massively innovative product, the Rod has been away for a while and i was reminded tonight just how damn good it is why the hot rod box cannot be a full time meal is beyond me.

This particular rod followed past form being drizzled with Sweet chilli for a refreshing almost fruity experience akin to a sweet and sour chicken.

For the sheer damn lovelyness of Rods and how good the ZT was....I'm gonna give this an 8.

In other exciting news, Sauce 2hot4U is now on sale in branch but as the photo shows worryingly...'only for a limited time.


Anonymous said...

love this meal very tasty

paulbot said...

2hot4U, incredible. Hope this becomes a permanent fixture!

ALbad said...

Love the way they've named a sauce in a manner that suggests you shouldn't eat it.

Anonymous said...

Had this today at the chapel fields shopping centre KFC, it was good! I opted for the zinger burger in my box meal.

Steve Roberts said...

Dont Worry Gentlemen Its Coming Out In 150ml Bottle Form! Cant Wait!!

dg said...

Only 150ml bottle it's 500ml in France