Monday, 25 April 2011

The KFC Brazer.....AKA the KC Brazer

In a move that will set hearts pumping but have a negligible effect on cholesterol levels, it is our duty to inform you of what may be one of the most epoch defining changes to KFC's menus since we don't know when.

KFB first tried a relative of the Brazer whilst in Paris doing an expose on Gallic chicken some 2 years ago. You can relive that encounter here. The Brazer then made the transition from the continent to the North East of England where it has been trialled in 17 stores, so Geordies may well be familiar with the product. A KFB sympathizer was able to smuggle an as then unnamed Brazer out of the region back in 2009 and KFB reheated it in our Midlands test kitchen. You can read about that encounter and watch the video here. Finally, most recently KFB visited Inverness to sample its latest Scottish trial before its nationwide roll-out, today, April 25th......a day that will live on in our minds forever as the day that the F was lost from KFC.

Aimed squarely at the health concious lunch time consumer this is not such a bold move, as it's been tried and tested on the continent, and undergone years of trials in the UK too. This will certainly be an addition to KFC's increasing repetoire to attract a new type of customer.

Tonight I visited Congleton branch, renowned by KFB's North West office as serving the best KFC this side of Colchester. I could immediately see the Brazer was big news, a five foot cardboard cutout was by the counter. The product boasted two menu boards, with new packaging and an alliterative strap-line inviting me to:

'Be Seduced by the Sizzle'
before the box showed me a picture of its contents and informed me that this product is

'marinated, seasoned then sizzled to perfection.'

The Brazer comes in 3 incarnations:
  • Burger
  • Twister
  • Salad

KFB opted for the burger which consists of (from the bottom up):

Ciabatta bun
Black Pepper Mayo
Marinated, Seasoned Griddled Chicken Breast
Fresh Sliced Tomato
An Additional Layer of Black Pepper Mayo
Bun Top

I had a quick look at the burger before tasting, and it was well constructed except for tomato slices. The Chicken really looked perfectly cooked, lightly browned in all the right places but not burnt and had dark lines characteristic of the griddling process with small flecks of herb across the surface of the breast. The breast itself didn't look massive but it wasn't hidden under a layer of coating so this may have been the reason.

It was with much trepidation that I thought about starting, was I betraying the Colonel's life's work? For years he strove to create the perfect recipe, travelled the entire US selling the product for mere cents to realise his dream and give something special to the world, and here today we're taking away everything that makes KFC, KFC. I took my first bite........bread, all bread. We know that as a beautiful hunk of unprocessed meat the product that KFC pedals can't be shaped as a beef patty can to fit onto a perfectly round bun so why not try baking different buns, or at least rounding the corners? This is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole! It took me a couple of mouthfuls of bread to get to the good stuff, but yes, it was good stuff. It's always difficult for KFB to get past anything that is not a Zinger Tower, but I'll try. The Chicken was moist and tender, with fresh crisp lettuce and lashings of Black Pepper Mayo (a superior product and sadly underutilised at KFC). Where I was let down was the Tomato slices. The picture clearly shows 2, I had a measly end piece and from past experience with the Big Daddy I can say that the Tomato makes a real difference.

This is a tasty burger, but it's a delicate taste rather than a full on punch of flavour delivered by Original Recipe or Zing. Accompanied by hot chips and a fine three step gravy this can be a satisfying summer meal. What would the Colonel say......well, if he though that just one of the people who try the Brazer will go on to enjoy his delicious secret recipe, then it's probably all worth it. KFB really hopes that this becomes a stepping stone, a spring board or a gateway burger leading on those who've never enjoyed the recipe to temptation for the cornucopia of flavours that await.

Overall a pleasant experience 6/10


takato matsuda said...

i thoguht this was kentucky FRIED chicken :(

Lee said...

Just had one, completely agree with what you said about it in the review, the piece of chicken is tiny! I had about 3 full mouth fulls of nothing but bread and mayo. Chicken burger was juicy though... maybe if they did a different shaped bun it would be better.

Anonymous said...

Tried the wrap version yesterday, really enjoyed it! nice change.

Anonymous said...

Why not try the double angus burger at BK!

Anonymous said...

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