Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Bun deal

The Kaiser is dead.....Long live the new bun.

It is with great joy that I report upon the barely noticed phase out of the Sesame Kaiser bun that has graced UK burgers since 2003. It has been replaced by the as yet un-named 3 striped variety as seen in the below picture sporting a rather sexy Zinger tower interior.
I did not want to report upon this phenomenon, first witnessed in the closing months of 2011; in case it was a temporary measure due to supply issues, but I now feel confident enough to herald its arrival as a staple of both Fillet and Zinger burgers.

The new bun crucially maintains its sprinkling of Sesame seeds which really offer a touch of class to KFC burgers above and beyond their rivals at other well known burger chains. On the 10 or so occasions I have tried a burger with the new style bun, it has not disappointed; remaining soft and fresh even on Sunday's, the day I was statistically most likely to be disappointed. My amateur photography does not really do it justice in comparison to the artistically captured second picture this is a good looking bun.

Although it has served us well since the great burger overhaul of 03 the Sesame kaiser seen here in the second picture could really let down a meal.

A sunday lunch was often ruined by its tendency to become stale and break apart, making the already messy ZT a nightmare. In fact I have been known to turn my ZT's into open sandwices by the removal of the top layer altogether such was the effect of a stale bun!

Here's hoping the new bun continues to shine and suffers a better fate than its predecessor, quietly consigned to the annals of history recorded only here as another footnote in the greatest story ever told .........KFC


Rob Srobel said...

See now I am not a fan of KFC in a bun, but am more a fan of the actual Chicken itself. And oh the gravy :)


Read more - http://wp.me/pyq3l-bb

Anonymous said...

The new ones are called 'double water split buns'.