Sunday, 13 April 2014

KFC to launch slow-cooked pulled chicken products soon?

Word has reached us that KFC is carrying out a regional test of an all-new product line: slow-cooked pulled chicken. Apparently, trials are currently underway in Scotland. If rolled out across the UK, this will mark the first time KFC has launched a 'new' cooking technique into branch since the Brazer line of griddled chicken.

From the picture you'll find above, you'll notice that the burger appears to contain a standard looking chicken fillet in addition to the pulled chicken. That's double chicken, folks. And who can forget the wonderful result of the previous double chicken product line?

Check out the line yourself in this charming new ad and let us know if you manage to locate and sample this mysterious new beast.

We've reached out to KFC and will update the post with further information if available.


helen said...

Eating it right now in Edinburgh. Its gorgeous!

ALbad said...

Did you take any photos Helen? Was it indeed pulled chicken as well as the fillet? Any hash brown?

Money Saver said...

Might be a weird broadband connection or something but when I looked at the KFC website from here in Manchester Pulled Chicken came up as the homepage but its disappeared since.

Anonymous said...

Pulled Chicken going national at the beginning of the next promo window - around a month away.

The Ultimate Pulled Chicken Burger is premium lettuce, Paprika Coleslaw, 2 Mini Fillets, Cheese and a portion of Pulled Chicken.

Also available Pulled Chicken Wrap - premium lettuce, Slaw, Cheese and 2 Portions of Pulled Chicken.

Finally Lil Wrap at £1.79 (Premium Lettuce, Slaw, Cheese and 1 Portion of Pulled Chicken).

Each portion of Pulled Chicken is only 1oz so MUCH smaller than the promo images lead you to believe.

Anonymous said...

It could do with a little more pulled chicken.

Anonymous said...

Pulled chicken has now appeared on the tills in England branches and the barbecue rancher will cease to exist from Monday... making way for nationwide pulled chicken?

Drew H said...

I had a 'lil wrap in Glasgow at the weekend and... it was delicious! It was just the pulled chicken with slaw in a wrap.

The burger is two mini fillets with the pulled chicken on top. Can't wait to get one when they hit England!

Anonymous said...

Should be avalible again from 2nd September 2014 in england, My housemate is a local manager.