Saturday, 19 January 2008

Evolution of the KFC brand

While designing and creating the KFB header image for the blog, I found myself searching the web for high quality KFC logos which I could *ahem* borrow and doctor. As I stumbled across an assortment of different logos from years gone by, it struck me that I hadn't until this moment considered the details of the KFC identity - especially the changes made in the recent brand update and logo redesign.

KFC's logo from 1997 until November 2006:

The new, redesigned logo - November 2006 onwards.

Although the logo has clearly been updated and the design tweaked somewhat, it maintains the same look and feel. We can see that the Colonel remains as the focus point and the face of the brand. However, he now appears to be wearing an apron over his white suit - this could be to reinforce the sentiment of good quality, home cooked food, and of course the fact that the Colonel devised the secret recipe himself. Personally, I like the idea that the Colonel is out back carefully preparing and constructing my Fillet Tower, even if it is just a marketing ploy.

The colour palette has also received an update, dropping blue altogether in favor of a stronger black shadow, while the KFC red is now a darker warmer hue. I think this was a good decision as the colours of the old logo now seem far to bright and gaudy in comparison, reminding me of food colourings and E numbers - not particularly good for a fast food restaurant chain.

Finally, the KFC typeface has remained but has been modernised by giving it a solid, clean white fill. The detail in the vector artwork of the Colonel has also been simplified, for example there are fewer shadows on his face and a less complexity in his beard and hair. This seems to give the Colonel new life and a fresher, younger face, rejuvenating the brand.

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