Sunday, 27 January 2008

Boneless Box

If enjoying a humble burger based meal with a friend at KFC is akin to taking a sedate stroll around a park together, then sitting down with a friend to partake in the boneless box challenge can only be likened to storming a fortified bunker together.

Consider for a moment the enormity of the task. 8 mini fillets, 2 boxes of regular popcorn chicken, 4 portions of regular fries, 2 large sides, 6 dipping sauces and a 1.5 litre bottle. Completing that feast between 2 people is a staggering feat by anyones reckoning and it should be rewarded.


ALbad said...

I must say Dave, i've only ever attempted the boneless box with 3 participants. You truly are a KFC pro.

Anonymous said...

Obad here. After a long nights drinking the other night, the only sane recourse the next, hungover morning was seeking refuge in the warm glow of the colonels welcoming bosom. Being present with a group of friends, the subject of the Boneless box inevitably came up, and like fools, we gamely split the larger, 15:99 box between three hungover adults.

What fools we were. Almost immediately upon starting the meal, and despite the excellent quality of the plethora of food and drink available to us, each of us started to flag, slowly munching our way through the mire of the colonels finest foodstuffs.

Eventually, only I battled on, and finally reached the end of the last crispy, soft boneless piece of delectable chicken. My compatriots nodded their heads sagely at my glorious achievement, for every time you waste an item of KFC, the colonel cries a single tear.

But wait! A lone tub of beans remained, untouched! What devilry was this? Each of us was thoroughly ill, one man was near comatose, the other near paralytic, and I thought I heard the soft voice of the colonel in my ear, calling me towards the bright light that I saw before me to reign forever by his side in the great franchised food chain in the sky.

But did I surrender? No! Someone had to be man enough to eat those beans, and I, "the stomach" had to be that man! I flipped open the plastic cap, and in one mighty motion slammed a plastic straw, into the beans and drained the crimson fluids within, then jammed my mighty spork of justice into them, spooning them heroically towards my mouth, before finally putting the upturned pot upside down upon my head, a rightful crown for my righteous acts. The meal was completed!

...But never to be repeated. Meals such as those were too much for any three men. (four might be alright and you could stretch it to five easily).

Ginger Sam said...

I bloody love the Boneless Box, what a wonderful creation!

Last night the boyfriend and I treated ourselves to one; 8 boneless fillets, 2 popcorn chicken, 4 fries, beans, gravy and a bottle of Orange Tango. It's southern-friend heaven!

Besides a few popcorn chicken (which our cat is treated to), I'd say that this is the perfect treat for two hungry KFC fans. Enough to leave you feeling happily bloated but not enough to make you feel sick. It's finger-lickin' good and I won't hear a bad word said about it.

Long live the boneless box and long live Kentucky Fried Bloggin'.

: )

Anonymous said...

You guys call an 8 piece boneless box a challenge for two!?

I can kill one of those easy.