Monday, 13 April 2009

KFBloggin's KFC HQ trip - Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen. . . . . welcome to the Zinger Zone, an opulently appointed meeting and conference room on the ground floor of HQ. The large table was replete with a fine selection of Yum brands' beverages, Pepsi & Drench water amongst others.

Taking a seat, the lights dimmed and two giant plasma screens silently began screening their spectacle, a modified KFC induction presentation. David our host guided us knowledgeably through the inner workings, giving us a low down on products (including some new ones, milkshake anyone?), strategy, global perspective and a veritable Who's Who of UK Fried Chicken before the grand tour.

The tour was a, but not the, highlight of the day and encompassed the training facilities all resplendent with their fine names, (The Colonel's Kabin, Popcorn Palace etc) where we saw students hard at work learning the virtues of serving quality fried chicken. We visited all the major departments with marketing being the most interesting and finance (sorry guys) the least. However we only touched upon the test kitchens (for they were to be showcased later.) before heading back to the Zinger Zone to chat chicken with some bigwigs.

"I don't know what you've done guys, but some people pretty high up in the company want to meet you."
said Daniel Hayward, head of HR. And so it came to pass that we easily whiled away an hour and a half recounting the tale of the blog and the beautiful story of those halcyon days the chicken spent countless hours wooing us at university, helping us through the bad times and sharing the good times with us. We reminisced over friends that have passed (Hot Rods & more recently the Blazin' Boxmaster) and recounted our penitences when on pilgrimages to Preston and Kentucky. We discussed likes and dislikes where I happened to mention my shame, for which some label me a pariah. . . . . that I do not eat chicken on the bone. A shocked room fell into silence as the implications of my revelation dawned. Lunch was scheduled at 1pm and the plan was for us to eat original recipe Chicken pieces.

Would Daniel be able to get some boneless chicken?
Would there be any buns?
Would they be able to cook it in time?

and would it be great (yes of course it would)

find out in the next exciting installment. . . . . coming soon only to KFB.


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sg said...

Is there a way I can subscribe to this blog?

You can only imagine my chubby, Zinger filled face is full of disappointment when I daily load up KFB and there are no updates :-(

paulbot said...

hi sg, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of our posts by going to the bottom of the blog and clicking the link "subscribe to posts". more updates to come soon!