Thursday, 23 April 2009

The KFC Cure...Fact or Fiction? Part 1: Hypothesis

After a heavy night out on the drink, the only sane recourse the following day is to pay a visit to the nearest House of Harland, and purge that foul taste of beer and kebab from your mouth with copius amounts of chicken. Amongst the KFB team this has been well documented and, for many years, religiously practiced almost every Saturday or Sunday morning. I recall one particular time when a friend, close to tears because of the state of his hang over, purchased a Fully Loaded box meal and layed it out in front of him in an elaborate fashion. He then spent the rest of the day slowly consuming every morsal until finally, he was cured...and it is this 'curing' property that I am going to investigate in an experiment which I have dubbed - The KFC Cure: Fact or Fiction?

The term 'KFC cure' has been coined by the KFB team as a way of expressing one's need to visit the colonel for recovery or curing purposes, an example here:
Oh god, I drank so many lagers last night...I need the cure right now!
The curing properties of secret recipe chicken are even recognised up at KFC HQ, with many of the team freely admitting that the test kitchens are often packed with hungry staff members the morning after a big night out.

So, the question I ask myself - is the KFC cure fact, or merely a fictional antidote that we have created to psychologically make ourselves feel better? And how do the curing properties of KFC compare to rival fast food merchants and other typical hang over countermeasures?

Join me again soon in the second part, where I will outline my experimental procedure and discover the truth about the KFC cure.


dg said...

Proof I'm sure will be easy to find. v. Interested in the experimental procedures too.

ALbad said...

Paulbot i have to congratulate you on your finest work yet. Wonderfully written. I'll happily volunteer for the testing phase.