Monday, 11 May 2009

Hope for Chicken

January 20th 2009

A day made historic by the inauguration of the USA's first black president. The entire campaign was characterised by one piece of art work more than any other.

It adorned t-shirs, shops and whole homes and neighbourhoods were festooned with this particular poster. It was attributed to a man named Shepard Fairey, a Rhode Island political artist.

Immediately however I thought I'd seen this before and the colour scheme seemed oddly familiar although with maybe a little tweaking from the original. And so, I did a little digging into some of my old paperwork.

I came across some correspondances form earlier this century. They began at around the time the Vatican began cataloguing many of the priceless and potentially reputation damaging works of art locked away in its vaults. Some of what they found was truly astionishing, the details of which were never released. However an unnamed cardinal sympathetic to our cause was able to smuggle a copy of this picture to me. In the event of anything happening I was to reveal it to the world. He has recently gone missing. . . . .

Thought to be upto a thousand years old, this image has lain undisturbed for centuries and clearly foretold the coming of colonel who proved his holy provenence by giving us the miraculous secret recipe.

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