Friday, 1 May 2009

KFC Panini 2nd look: Italian Chicken

Stafford: Hough Retail park

Thursday 30th April 7pm

Having previously trialled the Spicy Chicken Panini in Stourbridge, today's outing was conceived with the sole aim of trying the other new Time Limited Offer (TLO) the Italian Chicken Panini.

Service was a little slow but definitely worth the wait. If it wasn't for this review it is doubtful I would have shunned Zing. This experience will make me think twice in future. I was rewarded with fresh, hot and exceedingly juicy Original Recipe (OR) Chicken on fresh, soft and moist panini bread, drenched with lashings of exceedingly tasty sun blush tomato sauce and creamy, delicious cheese.

Every ingredient danced upon my pallete, none were overpowering and none were lost. The new sun blush tomato sauce is a triumph. It is not just posh ketchup. This is bottled essence of Italy, rich, tasty, tangy and smooth.

As a product I would give this 7/10

But as an example of this product, the one I ate in Stafford must have been crafted by a team member at the very top of their game. He or She surpassed expectations. This was the Italian Chicken Panini against which others must be judged. . . . . 10/10

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