Wednesday, 21 July 2010

iTwist Hits the UK


In the greatest shake up to the Chickenspere in recent memory KFC has introduced the iTwist to the UK. Although somewhat behind our continental brethren, the addition of the iTwist bridges the gap between snack items such as the Streetwise menu's Rollers as a sort of Premium snack product.

There are currently 2 flavours on offer, the Sunny and the Sweet. In the UK this is not offered as a meal option but as an individual product retailing for 1.49 each.

KFC asks us to 'Follow the Adventure' promising more exciting flavours to follow: so lets look at the two we already have:

The Sunny is a strong product blending the Chicken we all know and love with a spicy Mexican style sauce. Verdict: a good solid product.

The Sweet: however with its curious choice of ingredients is excellent but I fear may only find favour amonst more discerning diners. The ingredients in question would not seem out of place in a upper class eatery and KFC has been brave enough to bring this to the masses, offering a delicious mini fillet with caremalised onion relish and Goats Cheese. The relish was sweet, tasty and busrting with flavour but the sweetness was well tempered by the goats cheese which provided a dry, rich and satisfying aftertaste.

Although not offered as a meal like our recent report on the Icelandic version each iTwist makes a very satisfying side order to a meal. KFB looks forward to enjoying the range.

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Anonymous said...

Tried the Sunny I-Twist back in January at the Bracknell Drive-Thru, but then could not find it at any other franchise nearby, nor in my local Portsmouth KFC so guessing it must have been testing of sorts!