Thursday, 23 September 2010

Kentucky Jack: The Review

We all know the drill by now. The Colonel releases a new 'Time Limited Offer' (TLO) every six weeks in an attempt to spruce up the menu at your local KFC. And if you're anything like us here at KFB HQ, you've probably become a little tired of the whole exercise. Time after time we've been 'treate
d' to rehashed versions of existing products, simply tweaked with new sauces or the addition of a different salad type. Imagine our excitement then when the Kentucky Jack was first announced. Finally, something slightly different and not a wrap in site.
Allow us to break the product down for you:  2 mini breast fillets encased in a 'rustic ciabatta style bun' with honey bbq relish and monterey jack cheese. Our initial reactions were somewhat quashed by the mention of BBQ - a sauce that we can only assume the Colonel got some kind of masive discount on sometime last year, given the amount of TLOs it has been appearing in. However, we try to be as objective as possible, so it was on to the tasting.  
The first thing that strikes you is the box - far classier than any previous menu items:
Construction was reasonable, with one exception - the BBQ sauce was situated solely within the very middle of the bun - leading us to ponder its very existance in the first couple of bites. 
As it turns out, the sauce was unsurprisingly one of the weak spots anyhow, meaning we shouldn't complain too much (yes yes, we know there are some BBQ fans out there). A couple of elements stood out - the mini breast fillets, whilst perfectly at home in the Mini Fillet burger itself, just weren't big and juicy enough to step up to full sized burger status, overpowered as they were by the doughy ciabatta. 

The cheese however was excellent.   Now perhaps we're not being totally fair on the blighter - one of our other testers was actually a big fan of the Kentucky Jack. It's just that recently, the bonesless banquet for one has become irresistable - so much chicken, so much purity of taste with none of the bread to distract (a similar story for the Double Down we'd imagine).  So, a valiant effort then, marred slightly by bread, sauce and chicken portion size.  5/10 

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