Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cajun Boxmaster Review

After a few lackluster Time Limited Offers, (TLO) let's hope that KFC have started 2013 as they mean to go on, for no sooner had the new year started, KFC had brought back a KFB TLO favourite with a twist.......Introducing the Cajun Boxmaster:

At £3.79 for a burger alone or £4.79 for a meal this represents good value for money which I was first able to sample on Saturday 12th of January at the Congleton branch.

For hardened fans of the letter F there may be some disappointment as this product is prepared with a Griddled and not fried chicken breast, and my server told me he was unable to prepare it with a Zinger fillet.

My meal arrived neatly packaged, but straight away the packaging itself is very minimalistic and plain, not really giving any added visual stimulation to the food that awaits, although this is in line with an ecologically sound packaging initiative, perhaps some added colour would help?

The wrap that is used to enclose the contents of the burger is the same size used for the standard line of twisters and is well proportioned to contain two end to end mini fillets that compile the Twister. However when trying to contain a single chicken breast as in this case either a lot of superfluous wrap ends up at the bottom of the product sullying you last few bites, of the top of the product contains a couple of inches of limp wrap concealing the contents until you've taken your first few bites.

Once in though, this was a good product, apart from the aforementioned wrap issue this was well constructed with the right amount of each constituent part, fresh lettuce and diced tomato wreathed the chicken which was plump and juicy with no hint of dryness, the char grilled taste was really evident as part of the overall symphony of flavours and complimented perfectly the fruity and lightly spiced Cajun sauce, whilst the hash brown just gave some extra substance.

For me personally it was hard to get past the lack of coating on the chicken and so i felt it was lacking that certain indescribable satisfaction. However it must be said that from an unbiased perspective this is tasty product and shows KFC is really innovating again.

If only a range of box masters were on the menu full time!

VALUE 7/10
TASTE 7.5/10


ALbad said...

I tried this today DG and I agree with everything you say. By far the best griddled product yet. The hash brown really makes it and only 810 calories. Nice.

Chief Chicken Advocate (Leicestershire division) said...

A solid 8 for me.

The Colonel scores full marks for presentation, price and quality of the chicken. And he deserves particular praise on the innovation front.

Unfortunately I couldn't award more than an 8 overall because I actually felt the Cajun sauce did not have enough of the authentic Cajun flavour I crave. But this TLO is definitely a huge step in the right direction and you simply can't fault the Colonel on failing to bring something new to the table - in that respect he has shown the haters that he "still has it".

Burger Lad said...

Liked reading your review. It made me want to try this new KFC offering.

Burger Lad said...

Liked the review. After reading it I actually wanted to go out and try it today!

Anonymous said...

I have also tried the Cajun Boxmaster... It is very tasty. It is also now on the menu and no longer a promotional item :)

AmericasRestaurantRecipes said...

Glad to find out it's not just a promotional item. It's here to stay. :D

Anonymous said...

from where i come from the chicken is fried . Ha!!