Monday, 7 January 2013

KFB Tries the Double Down

Nearly two years after its US debut, KFB found itself in Miami, ostensibly to go to Wrestlemania 2012 but with the real reason being to sample the incredible Double Down Chicken Sandwich we'd heard so much about. This is a burger that's created  real waves in the fried Chicken world and has appeared in branches around the globe including Japan, Australia and the Philippines.

For those of you who haven't heard of the Double Down, what I am about to describe should astound and delight you in equal measure. The double down sandwich may be a misnomer, for calling this a sandwich implies the presence of bread. This radically bold concept dispenses with the bread and instead uses two fried chicken breasts to 'sandwich' a delicious filling of cheese, sauce and bacon to produce one of the greatest 'burgers' KFB has ever sampled.

Behold the KFC Double Down

For those of you who haven't visited the US or have partners, wives or girlfriends who wouldn't be amused by, let alone tolerate, countless hours of what they would describe as wasted expensive foreign holiday time searching for a KFC, let me explain that the distribution of KFC's in the US is quite far removed from our UK High Street / Retail Park model. Even in a busy American city centre, branches of KFC are hard to come by and so it was only after a long walk that we found the one we were looking for.

I scanned the menu and found to my horror the Double Down didn't feature, with only the measly looking 'Doublicious' burger on the menu. Still holding out hope to the very end I asked my server if they they had the 'Double Down' and she said they did. That answer, far from eliciting joy, produced a nervous wait whilst I worried whether my Queen's English had been misunderstood by someone more used to deciphering the southern Florida drawl and whether or not I would be presented with the aforementioned, closely named but clearly sub par 'Doublicious' burger.

However, the genuine article was presented to me and it was some time before my pleasure at simply seeing it was replaced by the desire to devour it........and I was not disappointed.

And for those of you who didn't believe the Wrestlemania cover story here's my best Hulk Hogan impression:

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ryanvs101 said...

Bacon makes anything good. Pity, the South African variant has a "smoked chicken rasher" still bloody good, would have been epic with some bacony goodness.