Thursday, 26 December 2013

KFB Asian Odyssey Part 2: Hong Kong

Japan: doneAnd so we move onto Hong Kong, city of skyscrapers, £6.50 pints and go-go bars. As suspected the menu in Hong Kong centres around various shades of chicken on the bone, some regional specialities and a
smattering of KFC standard menu items thrown in for good measure. Check out the full menu (including some interesting sounding rice dishes) here.

We opted for Zinger Burger meals, one with waffle fries and the other with mushroom rice covered in what looked like gravy. For good measure we added a piece of Flava Crava chicken (with a name like that how could we resist?) and a couple of egg tarts - a very popular sweet snack in HK.

First up: the burger. As you can see, construction was poor and the Zinger looked as though it might topple over at any moment. Inside we found a large tomato wedge, lettuce and a mayonnaise not unlike that of the Supercharger. The chicken itself was thigh meat - something we've experienced before in Thailand

This time though it hadn't been formed into such a uniform patty which on the plus side meant more coating seemed to cling to the meat. Sadly it also affected the consistency of taste of each bite - not that there was a lot of taste to be had. Sadly the tomato was so thick it dominated the burger and without cheese or a hash brown to balance the flavours we found this Zinger sorely lacking and totally devoid of zing.

In terms of the sides, we found the waffle fries luke warm and disappointing. Talking of disappointing, imagine our horror when we realised the sauce in the mushroom rice was pepper sauce rather than gravy. We moved on to the Flava Crava - one of a range of different chicken options which also included a dubious sounding Italian pizza
coating. The chicken was roasted rather than fried which we assume was meant to represent a healthier option. The flavour was decent enough but it didn't leave us craving more.

Some salvation was to be found in the egg tarts which while dripping in grease turned out to be tasty and a good way to finish an otherwise disappointing meal, regardless of the relatively low cost (around £3.20 for the burger meal).

Taste: 3.5
Value: 5
Overall: 4

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