Sunday, 16 February 2014

KFB Asian Odyssey Part 3: Thailand

We're going to start with an apology. Despite a valiant effort, we're
ashamed to report that we were unable to sample KFC in Vietnam due to
inaccurate closing times listed on the website. No amount of pleading
with the confused security guard was going to change his mind.

In light of our failure, we decided to get KFC immediately upon
arrival in Thailand. As luck would have it we came across The Colonel
in Bangkok's old DMK airport. Having sampled KFC before in Thailand we
felt it only right to try something new this time.

Behold the Twister Crispy Nachos (and behold its slightly Cheesestring-esque chicken in the promo standee above). We've seen nachos added to the mix
on previous occasions but never before in a Twister. Contents were as
follows: 2 chicken pieces covered in what tasted like Original Recipe
coating, lettuce, a BBQ like sauce and nachos.

As with previous Thailand experiences the chicken here was seemingly
of the thigh meat variety but strangely tasteless. The BBQ sauce was
nothing to write home about and the lettuce was...well, lettuce. The
nachos fared a little better, adding some much needed flavour and
crunch. Overall though, we were disappointed by this limited edition
offering as we've sampled much better in the UK (interestingly the
fries were similar to the new, thinner UK type).

At 89baht for the Twister itself (around £1.80) we didn't really feel
it offered particularly great value for money. The only real saving
grace was that a fellow reviewer sampled the Zinger Burger which we're
glad to report was given a big thumbs up.

Taste: 4
Value: 4
Overall: 4

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