Saturday, 2 February 2008

KFC Manchester: a lesson in excellence

There we were, waiting in line, hungover and drooling with anticipation. I say waiting in line but in fact, the efficiency of Manchester's branch is such that a line barely exists at all. Here's the system: Attendant A takes the order and deals with payment, attendant B meanwhile is busy assmebling the order. To the extent that as soon as I uttered those famous words: "Large Zinger Tower Meal please", B was already scouring the heating racks for the finest fried chicken. And what great fried chicken it was. Perfectly assembled burger, not too much mayo (an all too common error) and left just long enough so that the cheese had started to melt.

Sadly my fellow chicken-loving compadré was somewhat unimpressed with the level of grease on his wings. Serves him right for ordering a box meal as far as i'm concerned.

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