Monday, 12 January 2009

Casdon 521

Introducing the Casdon 521. This exciting licenced KFC Play Counter is the great way to indoctrinate your little ones with KFC branding before they've even old enough to eat it.

Made form durable plastic and featuring some sophisticated electronics this is the must have toy of 2009. Don't just take my word for it, watch the informative video and read customer reviews!

The illusion of the 'American dream' (and its equivalent throughout the western world) has probably never been more popular than today. Never before have so many children been encouraged to harbour the delusion that they could be the next Clive Sinclair, Peter Beardsley or Mick Hucknall. This is an excellent back-up for the pragmatic parent, who realises their offspring's true calling in life. Thanks to this set, my son Horace was able to gain his third star within just six months of employment. A marvelously entertaining and educational set for the up-and-coming no-hoper.
Wayne Redhart- West Mids

This has kept my children entertained the light at the top makes them feel they are really cooking it and the drinks machine is really realistic.

Having a toy that promotes fast food to children, at a time when obesity is rising rapidly is just sick. I can't believe anyone is mad enough to recommend this as a children's gift.

If your kids love KFC they will love this toy my kids spend hours playing this the toy and I get involved too great set up and working voices fun for 3-8 years old.
R L Deans- Cambuslang UK

Produced under licence by Casdon the 521 has revolutionised playtime. I was hearing so much chatter about the product that I decided to test it out myself. Casdon agreed to send me a play counter to review and I haven't been disappointed.

What the pictures fail to get across is the quality of the chinese craftsmanship that goes into it's manufacture. This really is a sturdy plaything that will serve your child well. There are interactive elements too as seen in the promotional video.

Children can play at replicating or even creating new burgers using the supplied food pieces and have hours of fun learning KFC's marketing slogans. However, there are one or two discrepencies that will hinder true KFC fan's enjoyment of the product.

As we all know KFC uses pressure fryers to lock in the moisture and taste to their chicken, the Casdon 521 relies on a sole drop basket model fryer, not consistent with KFC's high quality cooking methods.

The only other serious concern is the proportional anomolies. For example the tray provided is nowhere near big enough to take all the constituents of a meal and a side order of beans or coleslaw is roughly the same size as a drink.

If however you are able to overlook these small inconsistencies you or your child will surely have hours of fun .