Sunday, 25 January 2009

My KFC dream...a vision of the future?

Last night, I had a dream about KFC. I don't know why (maybe because I had been out the night before and planned to visit the Colonel in the morning) but as soon as I awoke from said dream, I grabbed a pen and jotted down as much as I could remember. I knew that what had come to me in the night was quite possibly the most important insight into the future. In many ways, I feel like I was touched by the Colonel, like he was trying to transmit his plans to me. The following is an outline of the dream and the vision that I had.

The dream revolved around a new menu, which included a variety of new products. After receiving a tip off from an old friend at Uni (not sure why) I immediately went to the KFC website to check it out. There I was confronted with a redesigned menu featuring not only the classic favourites but at least 50% new products.

It wasn't until I awoke that I realised the importance of what I had seen on this "dream menu" and I will now share with you my vision of the future:

1) The centre piece of the new menu was a double-decker burger, from what I can remember looked like a double stacked fillet burger with an extra layer of bun in the middle.

2) A muffin chicken roll/burger. This seemed to be about the same size as a mini fillet burger, but in a soft muffin style roll and with a warm cheese sauce.

3) A new side option was what I can only describe as a "ball of beans". Basically this was box of small bite-size balls containing baked beans and chicken pieces, coated in the secret recipe coating. There was also an optional upgraded to cheese coated variety (mozzarella i believe).

4) Another side option instead of the usual beans/gravy/corn was a small pot of savoury rice.

5) An interesting addition to the dessert range was a giant "pancake burger". This appeared to be a layered like a burger but with pancakes for the bun layers and some kind of filling. I can't fully remember whether or not there was chicken involved (it seems unlikely with pancakes, and this is why i assume it would be part of the dessert menu...but who knows!)

I'm sure there was more to the menu but unfortunately this is all I can recall. I believe I've caught a glimpse of the future here, and although items such as the pancake style burger and "ball'o'beans" seem a little unlikely, I believe they would be a delicious addition. I would certainly like to try the chicken muffin roll, and the savoury rice side option is probably the most realistic menu upgrade (I imagine this would be quite similar to the Nando's style savoury rice side, which works very well with chicken). Let's hopes this is a dream come true.


dan. said...

Hi there,

love the blog - you guys rock!

we here at kfc hq love the take you have on the brand - would you be open to discussing what you do with us?

ALbad said...

Dan, assuming you are in fact a member of the KFC staff (or indeed, the ghost of the Colonel himself!) we'd love to get in touch. If however this is an elaborate hoax, shame on you.