Monday, 16 February 2009

300 new branch openings by 2014!

In this time of recession it's all too common to hear of the closure of individual retail stores or in extreme cases, entire chains. Less choice for the consumer, lowered employment and less competition are never good things.

It is with added excitement then that we are proudly able to reveal the Colonel's 5 year expansion plans: No less than 300 new branches will be opening within the next 3-5 years, adding an extra 9,000 jobs to the 22,000 that the chain already provides. And how might KFC be growing when others are falling by the wayside? The fantastic quality of the produce aside, it is the sheer value for money that people are lapping up. The introduction of the Snack Boxes are certainly partly to thank (though raising the price of the mini fillet beyond 99p was and still is unacceptable).

Carry on, Colonel, carry on.

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dg said...

I too read with interest, excitement and anticipation, did you know the recent opening of a branch in Worcester saw a first week take of over £100,000 beating the previous opening week tally by some £15,000!

Andy Gray said...

Thats good to know! KFC only opened here a few months ago (brand new with drive-thru).
Lands probably cheap during these tuff-times! More KFCs cant be bad!!

obad said...

KFC - recession proof? Perhaps this warrents more articles with economic spins.