Saturday, 14 February 2009

Blazin' Boxmaster

The Blazin' Boxmaster, KFC's newest main item offering. If memory serves; we have seen a version of the Boxmaster previously, but not, in this revised format. Zinger lovers are often left out in the cold by the inclusion of only standard original recipe fillets in new product launches, but the Blazin' Boxmaster does not disappoint.

It was trialled by Rob Fentem and myself on February 10th at Manchester's Regent Road branch at 9pm along with a large side serving of gravy which revealed itself to be of hallowed 3 step variety.

I'm always slightly wary when entering a KFC that has security glass as this one did but the food however was of a high standard, hot , fresh and juicy as Harland hentended.

The Ingredients

Zinger Fillet
Hash Brown
Hot Salsa
Crispy Bacon
Jalapeno Mayo

Since the original launch of the Big Baddy burger in October 04 I am not sure if I have personally been able to reconcile KFC preparing, selling and serving bacon. Their name is very clear on their product and often constrains them, but chicken and bacon have been proved time and time again to be good culinary partners.

Moving on,

The product was served in an innovative paper wrapper with a cardboard belt with simple fastening device. Included in this was an integral identifying device to differentiate between the Blazin' or BBQ versions. Whilst the packaging was good, when put into context with the product. it was weak. One expects a product such as the Boxmaster to be in an actual box and that the product in some way masters the box either by being so large as to be it sole occupant or some other unthought of device for portraying its imperious pretensions over said box.

Once removed from the packet, the product itself was very dense thus giving it a very weighty feel. The Bacon in fact looked absent upon a cursory visual inspection but was in fact within. many of the ingredients are known to us due to their positions in other products but what is new here particularly is the Jalapeno Mayo (and Harland said it shall be good) and it was good. It was hot and added a significant new dimension to the menu.

Essentially though this is a ZT with some added extra hot sauce but suffering from wrap syndrome, a phenomenon whereby one eats to the end of the product and instead of being left with some amazing final bites, ends on 3 mouthfulls of what is virtually all wrap to contend with, thus ensuring the final mouthful is a disappointment.

All that said. . . . I would entertain another but as so often is the case it's no Zinger Tower.
6.5 out of 10


Anonymous said...

hei,i would really wanna know the soundtrack on the kfc's boxmaster commercial... thnx

London said...

I've tried this "sandwich".. it's really good, but I like the doubledown better. = )