Saturday, 14 February 2009

Shifting Sand(er)s

In recent months and years we have seen the introduction and sadly the withdrawal of numerous delicious KFC products. Whilst I am all for innovation what irks me is the lack of information the customer is given. If these things were trialled under the banner of 'for a limited time only' or 'trial period' I should be slightly appeased. Though I hate to admit it, the McDonalds model is a good one the introduction of seasonal menus allows diners to assimilate the fact that this product will not be around for longer than 3 months, if particularly popular McDonalds will know for a possible reintroduction.

The casualty list is high, all the below have fallen in battle and though some (with*) have attempted a return they again have fallen by the wayside MIA presumed dead but leaving their grieving fans with nothing tangible, and that slight bit of hope they cling onto can be a cruel master.

Kickin' Cajun Burger
The Complete Treat Meal
Hot Rods
Boneless Bites Flavour Station
Smoky Blue Tower Burger
The Zinger Twister
The Big Daddy Burger*

The above I'm sure is not an exhaustive list and please feel free to mention any products I've left out.

The one product that appears to have been a mainstay has in my opinion been one of the Colonel's worst innovations. . . . Popcorn chicken, surely the blandest product available. So come on Colonel a bit more info please.


paulbot said...

I recall the Smokey Blue Tower Burger, back in my early uni days. It is a shame to to see these products drop off the radar so frequently and quickly, I for one was a fan of the Smokey Blue.

Andy Gray said...

Always good to know the recipe is still a secret!
Love the blog - keep it up!

ALbad said...

DG, you may be interested to learn that a Tex Mex Wrapstar was spotted two weeks ago in the Bethnal Green branch. We have photo evidence. Review coming soon.

obad said...

Goodnight sweet prince. ;.;