Friday, 27 February 2009

Doveridge Retail Park Branch Review 24/02/09

Uttoxeter, nestled on the Eastern fringe of Staffordshire has been resisting the colonel's advances since 2003 when plans were first submitted to bring the town into the Chicken age. This rural town of 12,000 people seems to have thought itself above a ride on the gravy train. Councillors repeatedly refused to grant permission for Harland to set up shop claiming:

"It would adversely affect proposals to regenerate the town centre, as well as existing businesses"

No dispute there from me, yes it would have affected the town. . . . . . for the better!

Uttoxeter's truculent councillors could not be kowtowed to the will of the Sanders, until, thankfully recession struck. Whilst other businesses shudder to a halt the Fried Chicken juggernaut has moved into overdrive. It has clucked the trend to announce 9000 new jobs. It would have been political suicide to oppose the creation of 40 new jobs in your town during recession, as a result, the Doveridge Retail Park KFC was born on 24th November 2008. No longer would the faithful of Uttoxeter, forced to wait patiently for 5 years, have to complete the humiliating 30 mile round trip for Finger Licking Chicken.

Entering Uttoxeter at around mid day I felt like I was in enemy territory, I was in the town whose leaders did not want Chicken and they had not been afraid to show their true colours for over 5 years. Much like mediaeval times I was looking forward to entering the Chicken Church to claim sanctuary. I entered the branch dead on noon just before the lunch time rush. It was immediately plain that space was at a premium here and the planners axe had been wielded to cut away the deadwood. Thus we saw a unisex toilet, no banqueting table and a Drive Thru lane that passes perilously close to the main pedestrian access point. This places pedestrians drunk on chicken when, leaving and blinded by lust when entering at risk.

Inside, the place was spotless. I was greeted and served courteously throughout my entire transaction during which time I plumped for that bar setting staple the Zinger Tower meal with a side order of gravy.

During the wait for my meal I quickly surveyed my surroundings seeing a laminated sheet of A4 hanging below the menu gantry offering Hot Rods. Something I would love to see making a nationwide return. On the wall to my left was another laminated A4 sheet proudly displaying 5 stars awarded by an East Staffordshire restaurant inspection team.

Presently my meal arrived:

Fries: Poor

Gravy: Hot and 3 step

Zinger tower: plenty of salsa, crisp lettuce, not too much mayo, kaiser bun was dry, Zinger fillet was acceptable. What was faultless, was the construction. The hash brown sat squarely atop the fillet fused there with cheese. The symmetry was flawless, had a set square been brought into play during construction?

My burger 6/10
Overall experience 8/10


paulbot said...

a very clean, modern experience! I'm yet to experience a drive-thru, would love to give it a go.

Meady100 said...

Just discovered this site! What does 3 step mean on the gravy? I've noticed the gravy recipe seems completely different from KFC to KFC round here!