Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Branch Review: Bath

Last week I was fortunate enough to find myself in the delightful city of Bath. As I strolled languidly 'round its leafy streets I began to tire of the faux Roman columns incorporated into all of the architecture, I wanted something in more of a tower. . . . . . A Zinger Tower! I had already been told that this was a good KFC, but I wanted to put it to the test for myself.

This particular branch is central, just a short 30 second walk from the main high street. When we walked in it was clean and tidy. The queue time was below the maximum allowed (ie. five minutes from joining the queue to ordering) and our food was prepared promptly.

One bad point was the ancillary items island. This was not fully stocked and in this case missing a vital spork. However the Branch's brilliantly attentive staff sensed our distress and addressed the issue imediately producing a slew of sporks from the cupboard incorporated in the island and we we able to take our seats and begin.

We opted of course for the Zinger Tower and also in a nod to the area's Roman heritage, a Caesar Zinger Salad. The ZT was very good, but could have been slightly hotter and juicier. Build quality was very good with very little structural re engineering needed. The gravy, a high quality 3 step helped overcome any hint of dryness. However what seemed like a solid structure disintigrated in my hands by the end of the burger. The Chips too deserve a special mention.

The real winner here was the Zinger salad. I've never tried these before and am aware that they're not a big seller nor popular amongst afficianados. However I found the salad to be substantial & very tasty. The Caesar dressing was provided in the right quantity and the cherry tomatoes were ripe and flavoursome, the lettuce crisp and fresh as always. However our croutons had been left out of this particular salad which was a slight disappointment. The other point worth making here is that a Spork is not suitable for eating a Zinger salad with. The prongs are not deep enough to pick up a cherry tomato with.

All in all this was a great experience earning Bath KFC 8/10

Zinger Tower 7/10
Zinger Salad 7/10

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