Thursday, 18 June 2009

El Pollo Loco has a beef with the Colonel

Here at Kentucky Fried Bloggin' HQ we don't have a problem with people pointing out the inadequacies of KFC - it's something we ourselves are more than happy to do in order to provide constructive criticism for Harland. What we do have a problem with however is competitors who think it's OK to twist truths about KFC for their own commercial gain.

So here's the background: El Pollo Loco is an American grilled chicken chain. And we freely admit the fact that several of their products sound delicious. See the Twice Grilled Burrito for example (it must taste double delicious, right?). And that sure does look like a tasty array of sides. But we digress.
What you really need to focus on is this damning video.

Let us examine the accusations in turn if we may.
  1. KFC's grilled products are in fact oven baked. Think about your own kitchen facilities. Where is your grill located? In the oven you say? We thought as much. KFC does not state anywhere that their chicken is flame-grilled. Case closed.
  2. KFC uses beef products in the seasoning of their grilled chicken. This is indeed a fact, as can be found on page 14 of the official KFC ingredients list. Now whether or not this is a major issue we suspect depends on one of several factors including but not limited to your religious beliefs, your distaste for cattle and whether or not you view a primarily chicken-based restaurant's selling of a product containing an alternative meat as a crime. As for the former, KKB believes only in the church of Harland, meaning of course that we have no problem with this 'revelation'. And as for the latter, we have long been fans of the Daddy Burger and KFC AM products, both of which contain bacon. It also seems timely to point out that KFC has officially responded to this particular criticism by stating that a mere 0.2% of the seasoning alone comprises beef products.
So let us end this post with a clear recommendation for El Pollo Loco: Rather than lambasting the competition, let the supposed quality of your products do the talking.


Michael said...

Great blog. Coming in from Sweden to London this august, which KFC is the best one to visit first? And which one should I visit after that. Remember that I will only spend three days in London and thus I only have about four visits.

paulbot said...

Hi Michael, thanks for the interest and support in KFB! It's hard to say which KFCs to visit in London as there are hundreds of possibilities depending on where you will be located. What I will say is kick off with the Marble Arch KFC, it's the flagship branch and if you get there before 10.30 you can sample the KFC AM breakfast range! Other ones to note are in the Leicester Square/Picadilly Circus area, quite a large and efficient branch here. If you find yourself in the Camden area this one has been recently refurbished and was once the only KFC to have bouncers on the door haha. Hope this helps :]