Wednesday, 3 June 2009

BREAKING KFC NEWS - Griddled is the new fried!

KFBloggin's sources at KFC headquaters revealed to us today news so incredible, we knew, no matter what the risk, that we had to share it with you, the KFC fans across the world. We've long suspected it's, "second coming" would occur soon, but today is the day that we can proudly announce to you, that available in Woking from the second of June 2009, in Woking, KFC has introduced its new, healthier than ever: GRIDDLED CHICKEN. To quote;

The new range comes in a choice of a Griddled Chicken Ciabatta, Griddled Chicken Twister or a Griddled Chicken salad – or as part of a Griddled Chicken Variety Bucket...

...The new griddled range aims to offer customers lighter options, with the Griddled Chicken Ciabatta containing only 354 calories and 13 percent of a woman’s GDA for fat.

...(the griddled range), consists of 100% chicken breast fillets which are marinated in an exciting new signature Chimichurri flavour – a blend of herbs, roasted garlic and a touch of citrus. The marinated chicken is then cooked on a griddle in the oven to seal in the flavour.

Martin Shuker, Managing Director, KFC UK and Ireland said, “We are trialling the Griddled menu in response to the growing customer desire for new taste experiences, and lighter menu options.” Shuker added, “Our hope is that the new griddled range will become a signature part of our menu, for customers who want to try something new and exciting.”

The new Griddled chicken range will be trialled in the North East for a period of three months, at which point KFC will review the success of the initiative. Customers will be told about the new product range through a mixture of television and outdoor advertising.

Our north-eastern readers will no doubt already be on thier way out of their front doors by now in a maddened attempt to sample some delicious Chimichurri flavours, much as their american KFBrothers in arms did before them. Readers elsewhere in the UK will now be waiting 3 months or more for, Mr Shucker to give the go-ahead to launch the product in their region. Until then, feast your eyes on what you're missing out on with this delicious sample image of the new, "Griddled Chicken Ciabatta."

And as for KFBloggin's hardworking authors: road trip anyone?

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