Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Chillers become Krushems

The saga continues, the trial of Chillers (as reported on here in April), themselves based on the Australian pioneered product the Krusher has now been rebranded the Krushem before it's even out of its trial period.

Having been trialled in Reading and the greater Birmingham area under its previous incarnation as the Chiller earlier this year I was excited to see this new product in my local Fenton branch in Stoke-On-Trent, sporting this new moniker. I initially thought that this was a nationwide roll out ready for the summer holidays but it seems not, nor does the official website make any mention of a launch.

Arriving for lunch on Monday 20th July I was surprised to see advertising for the Krushem and some new branded affiliated versions of it. Now in 4 flavours, a generic cookie crumble and strawberry cheesecake and branded Oreo and Maltesers versions.

Due to technical difficulties (the engineer was still fiddling with the machine when I arrived) I had the 1st Krushem served by Fenton and opted for the Maltesers version at 1.79. It didn't arrive promptly and took the staff some time to concoct, in their defence the pulled it off with aplomb. My Krushem was totally laced with Malteser flavour and 'bits' and made a great accompniment to my food and also took a long time to consume.

It is not rich and creamy dairy ice but mixed with very finely crushed ice. The drink has a smooth texture punctuated only by the 'bits' of your chosen flavour.

The last time we reported on this product the cups were unliveried. This has now changed and the Krushem has its own branding on its clear plastic cup as seen above.

My mild criticisms, is it slightly overpriced? at 1.79 (99p to add to a meal) I dithered wheter or not to purchase and think that a price tag of a more modest 1.49 would get more takers. It is also served in only one size, a little more choice would be nice perhaps.

However, this is a product that KFB will be having again on a hot summers day and a welcome addition to the menu.


Anonymous said...

I bought 3 of these in 2 days.. I love them, Ive tried the oreo and malteaser one but think the oreo one is the best, hope they're here to stay!

Anonymous said...

I have only recently seen the advertisements in London, and hopped online to see a review before I purchased one (hopefully today). I was hoping it was more like a milkshake and less like a milky icy drink, but after reading the above comments, am unsure what it will taste like and whether it will be creamy enough in texture for my liking!! I will definitely go for the Oreo flavour, although judging by the vote on the KFC website, Malteser flavour is currently the most popular! I will keep u posted!

Anonymous said...

Tried the kitkat one. Have to say that mixing milkshake with ice causes a loss of flavour as the ice is tasteless and laced throughout. If there had been
No ice, or they used ice cream instead the drink would have been lovely. As it is I'd rather just have a normal milkshake.