Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Streetwise Menu

It's the biggest shake up we've seen for quite some time in the KFC menu. Coinciding neatly with yesterdays launch of the new Time Limited Offer (TLO) we also saw the introduction of the new Streetwise Menu, the official line is this:


For everybody who’s been feeling the pinch lately, KFC introduces the new Streetwise Menu, offering a great selection of 9 irresistibly tasty snack size products from only 99p.

From your favourite Popcorn Chicken or Mini Fillet Burger to our new exciting Rollers or Mini Variety Box, the Streetwise Menu gives you the irresistible KFC taste now at a price you don’t have to resist!!"

They've added a new logo which as you can see changes the Es from street with pound signs to accentuate the good value credentials of these products.

Whilst old favourites remain, such as corn and most importantly the Mini Fillet we've seen three new important new additions, the mini variety box, BBQ cheese roller and the Spicy caeser roller all for 99p Here's what HQ says about each product.

Mini Variety Box

A delicious duo of KFC famous Popcorn Chicken and spicy Hot Wing, served in a convenient cardboard box, ideal to eat on the go.

Cheesy BBQ Roller

Made with KFC famous Popcorn chicken, smothered in our signature Deluxe BBQ sauce and topped with melted cheese. All rolled up in a flour tortilla and lightly toasted to seal in the flavour.

The Cheesy BBQ Roller is the perfect handheld snack for big fans of BBQ and cheese!

Spicy Caeser Roller

Made with KFC famous Popcorn chicken, deliciously creamy and spicy Caesar sauce and crunchy lettuce. All rolled up in a flour tortilla and lightly toasted to seal in the flavour.

The Spicy Caesar Roller is a delicious handheld snack full on flavour with a spicy twist!

The taste test. . . .

In branch there was no indication what type of chicken was used to construct the rollers. Publicity shots show a profusion of chicken, and so there and then I deconstructed my products and found my caeser roller contained only 4 pieces of popcorn chicken and my Cheesy BBQ roller, 5. I'm not sure on the official line regarding preparation and just how many pieces there should be, but I found any taste of chicken was swallowed up by a profusion of wrap.

I couldn't hope but notice these 99p products had been launched at the start of the summer holidays and are a great way to appeal to the 'pupils pound' bored children with a little but not too much pocket money can get some food. For a hungry man I'd recommend neither of the rollers. . . . . But don't despair, the Mini fillet is here. at 1.19 this is a truly great product,

Mini Fillet Burger

A 100% chicken breast Mini Fillet with the big taste of Original Recipe herbs and spices topped with crisp lettuce, our irresistible pepper mayo, and served on a toasted sesame seed bun.

With plenty of Original Recipe chicken, an oh so tasty pepper mayo and fresh lettuce all on a sesame bun. truly the most Streetwise of the lot!


ALbad said...

Very interestingly KFC had embedded an old version of the ad yesterday that included a 'Ceasar Flat' rather than a 'Ceasar Roller'. The flat looked like it might have even been more of an unleven bread than a wrap folded in half. Perhaps we shall never know the truth :-(

Anonymous said...

I ordered one of the BBQ rollers today, and they forgot to put it in the bag! Unfortunately I was in a rush and didn't have a chance to check everything was there... Oh well, 99p wasted. The Colonel loves it...

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these 2 days ago and was so disappointed.

It contained the smallest slice of cheese I have ever seen (about 3cmx3cm) a splash of bbq sauce and 6 of the smallest peices of popcorn chicken.

Looked nothing like the picture and all you could taste was the wrap.

You'd feel more fufilled by eating the 99p than handing it over for one of these...