Sunday, 19 July 2009

The KFC Halal Trial: mouths-on report

Earlier this year we caught wind of a halal trial occurring at several KFC branches across London. Now as all our loyal readers are no doubt aware, the only religion for us here at KFB HQ is the Church of Harland. However, we're not the type to shy away from new experiences, especially when they're chicken related. And so it was that we made the long and arduous trip down the road to our closest KFC, the Bethnal Green branch.

Picture the scene if you will: Pbad and myself are suffering the effects of a heavy night on the hooch and have decided the curing properties of the Colonel's chicken are the only logical option for brunch. We promenade our way down Bethnal Green high street until the Harland's smiling face peaks over the top of the chain of newsagent and pound shop signs. A smile crosses both our faces as we give each other a knowing look. Drawing closer to the branch we notice the above poster proudly displayed in the window. I turn towards Pbad as I exclaim

"Let's get halal!"

Before we get into the product itself though there are a few considerations to take into account. First and perhaps most importantly, in order for the food to be declared halal, KFC have had to pass numerous inspections by the Halal Food Authority. This means the way the chicken is slaughtered and prepared is of great importance. Though we'd previously chosen to believe that Harland himself whispered a prayer into the ear of every chicken just before it was to make the ultimate sacrifice, it has come to light that at the time of slaughter a blessing is recited by an 'appropriate person' as part of halal accreditation. As wel all know, Harland himself was deeply Christian, therefore lessenning his appropriateness for this task somewhat. To read more about the details of the trial, click here.

"Enough with the details!" I hear you decry. "How does it taste?" Well let us tell you now, it tastes...exactly the same. There is however one crucial element missing. An element so crucial in fact that its absence has caused an ENTIRE BURGER to be removed from the menu. And the name of this absent item?


Yes, bacon. Sadly, the laws of halal explicitly state that all pork products are banned. And sadly for us KFC lovers, this neccessitates the exclusion of the Big Daddy Burger - sure favourite of the manliest of men (have you ever tried to eat an entire Big Daddy box meal and lived to tell the tale?). In some regards removing a non-chicken based meat could be seen as a good thing. A purification of sorts. And yet in another way, bacon is plain delicious. So onto the bottom line: While halal opens up KFC to a vast and untapped new audience, it also casts aside a delicious burger. A mixed bag then ladies and gentlemen, a mixed bag indeed.


dg said...

'Mouths on trial' love it

Anonymous said...

Give back our bacon!
This is Kentucky Fried Chicken, not Halal Fried Chicken.

We don't go to Pakistani restaurants and force them to serve pork,so why should a food outlet specialising in Kentucky food change their menu to suit others?!?

Before you shout Racist at me I am British Asian.

Anonymous said...

first of all not all muslims are pakistani or originate from asia just thought i would inform all the narrow minded people out there.
Second no one is forced in anyway to change a FOOD OUTLET TO HALAL. it is obviously going to benefit the company.
Third being asian does not make you a non racist its the way you think that makes you what you are be that a racist, sexist etc

Anonymous said...

Bring british you would think you would of been a bit more educated. Anyway..KFC Kentucky Fried CHICKEN not KFP.. regardless KFC decided to venture out on new pastures to gain market share and of course like any business more money. KFC not being muslim owned, where indian/pakistani restaurant may be muslimed owned an would not/should not sell pork regardless if it would make them more money or gain larger market share.. Bring on more Halal KFC save me driving to east london