Sunday, 29 March 2009

KFC branch

February 26 2009 - A name that will go down in infamy amongst KFC fans, as the day that a branch died.

The 677 Daniel Webster Highway branch of KFC was innocently operating as normal, producing delicious chicken and chicken-related products for local consumers, when store manager Sonia Gilbert recieved an unusual phonecall. Ostensibly from head office, the caller informed Sonia that it would be necessary to test the fire supression system immediatly. Innocently obeying, Sonia activated the sytem - and all hell broke loose.

Immediatly, chemical irritant fire-retardant power flooded the sandwich preperation area - immediatly destroying the delicious meals of literally hundreds of consumers, and covering the staff working there with dangerous chemicals. Springing into action, Sonia lept to the phone to ask her, "superior" what could be done, who promptly informed her that it would be necessary to, "strip off and urinate on each other." By the time that she had gotten outside, stripped naked and her and the other team members had began to prepare to do so, it occured to Sonia that the call, may have been a malicious prank.

Using the latest in forensic technology and voice analysis, we here at the KFB have constructed a visual composit of what we believe the criminal prank caller looks like. Please, please, contact us if you have any information whatsoever, so that we can ensure that he is put on trial at the United Nations for war crimes. And take a moment to think of the saddest victimes of these events - the delicious Zinger towers that might have been. Goodnight old friend - may flights of angels sing you to your rest.

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Theres a link to the original article if you click the post title.