Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Lost Supper

During a major restoration of one of Da Vinci's masterpieces The Last Supper, some previously hidden details were uncovered. The painting in Milan has recently been given a deep clean and restoration when the surprising details emerged.
" We never knew what supper was supposed to be and didn't think it mattered"
said chief curate Alphonso Darichi.
" However Da Vinci is famed for the inclusion in his works of code, mystery
and intrigue so perhaps he was trying to convey to us some details about the

The Painting was begun 1n 1495 and finished 3 years later. No reference in recorded history exists and neither has there ever been any rumour pertaining to the menu. Following the discovery museums around the world holding Da Vinci's works have announced plans to thoroughly inspect them for evidence of other hidden gems.
In this exclusive picture showing the new details, the fayre is plain to see. Jesus and his disciples are enjoying 3 Bargain Buckets for which they would have paid around 29.97 Shekels.
There appears to be plenty of food to go around although Jesus can be seen to be hoarding one bucket to himself whilst 3 disciples to the right of Jesus look on enviouisly at the Finger Lickin' Chicken.

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