Thursday, 26 March 2009

No.1 Wicked Zinger fan

This picture was taken from a document located deep within the Vatican Archives. It depicts J. Christ inspecting a 'hot wing'. Many believe this was his last meal before he was put to death on the cross.
If any further proof was needed to support the theory of creationism, then this is surely it.

I ask you followers;
How can one believe that the sheer perfection contained within every piece of the Colonels chicken is there because of luck or dare I say it "Natural Selection"?
No, one cannot. The chicken was put on earth for one purpose, to be coated in 11 secret herbs (urbz*) and spices and then fried to a delicious beauty.
So next time you're tucking-in to a delicious Zinger Box, rest assured you're in great company.

Be blessed.


dg said...

Glad to have you on board Robot

ALbad said...

This is a good post.